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what our kids are reading now

  • The adventures of Samuarai Jack has been great fun to read. The series is about, an evil shape-shifter named Aku from the distant past that has brought destruction upon the land. Jack is a heroic warrior in a quest to return to the past and undo the evil wrought by Aku. ~ d

  • Dillon has been loving “The Monster Show” for weeks. It is a cute “tell all” about monsters... did you know that monsters feel silly only wearing underpants? Little D (3) now reads it back to me and it is the cutest thing ever. ~d

  • This is a great little series of books about trucks, fire engines, digger and other machines. Dillon reads these over and over again. The have cute illustrations, bright colors and they are about machines — what little boy wouldn't like! ~d


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Cheryl Arkison

Well, I never read the book, but we did things in a rather similar fashion in our house. People are still amazed at the kids ability to put themselves to sleep and neither of them ever having a desire to sleep with us.


We did BW with our first two and ditched it with our next two. BW is overrated. . . and while it "works" for some babies, the nurses had just cause to be concerned. It's not that parents are "morons" as much as the book isn't based on sound information on infant growth and development -- and so many babies don't "fit" within the recommended parameters. Even attentive, intelligent parents have infants who are failure to thrive when using the BW philosophy to inform their decision making. . . so. . . whatever. . . *L*


i am a HUGE baby wise fan...i think it works as long as parents stay consistent. my 1st born also slept through the night (12 hours--no dream feed!) at 12 weeks. we're 7 weeks in with our 2nd and so far, so good :) love your article here tanya, we're baby wise fans in our household too! oh, and i'm not afraid of controversy...we tummy sleep our babies too!

Account Deleted

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