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  • The adventures of Samuarai Jack has been great fun to read. The series is about, an evil shape-shifter named Aku from the distant past that has brought destruction upon the land. Jack is a heroic warrior in a quest to return to the past and undo the evil wrought by Aku. ~ d

  • Dillon has been loving “The Monster Show” for weeks. It is a cute “tell all” about monsters... did you know that monsters feel silly only wearing underpants? Little D (3) now reads it back to me and it is the cutest thing ever. ~d

  • This is a great little series of books about trucks, fire engines, digger and other machines. Dillon reads these over and over again. The have cute illustrations, bright colors and they are about machines — what little boy wouldn't like! ~d


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denise mcentee

The monkey shirt is a classic and what i associate most with glug. But if I had to pick a new favorite it would be 'rock' in dusk. I'm a fan on facebook too!

Wendy P.

It's too hard to pick a favorite from Glug! My daughter has some shirts, dresses and a skirt from Glug and they are all wonderful quality. My son has a couple shirts, too, and they still manage to look great wash after wash!

Amy T.

My favorites are the terry bottoms (pants and skirts). They are so soft, it's like sending your kid to school in stylish jammies! I'm a fan on FB too!

Tracy Schad

Love, love all the Emmi dresses, especially the dragonfly one.


Long sleeve girls tees. Can't get enough of them with stretchy pants and jeans.

Tracy Schad

Just became a Glug fan on FB.

Jennifer Cotton

I only recently discovered Glug. My son loves his monkey shirt, and it suits him more than you can ever imagine!


I like all the bark colored ones, especially birch. My boys look great in brown.


Wow! I'm a new Glug fan...what an adorable collection. There are so many cute things to choose from, how can you pick a fave?? I really loved the dresses (both Sadie & Emmi), but I think I like the Emmi dress with the dragonfly & appleblossom the best.

Lisa V

Oooh, my vote's for the Fishy Fish Emmi Dress but I know my 2.5 y.o. would say Dragonfly (she's really into them right now)

Rhea Jordan

I second the vote for the monkey shirt - it's adorable! I think I might start some Christmas shopping... :) Just FB Fan'd them, too!

Cheryl Arkison

I've been drooling over their stuff since that interview. I'm in love with the dinosaur shirts for my daughters. And Falling Leaves.


Didn't know about Glug before you wrote about them. Love the cute flower girl t-shirt for my girls and me...and really all the collection. Thanks for introduction to this cute collection. Local company?

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