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what our kids are reading now

  • The adventures of Samuarai Jack has been great fun to read. The series is about, an evil shape-shifter named Aku from the distant past that has brought destruction upon the land. Jack is a heroic warrior in a quest to return to the past and undo the evil wrought by Aku. ~ d

  • Dillon has been loving “The Monster Show” for weeks. It is a cute “tell all” about monsters... did you know that monsters feel silly only wearing underpants? Little D (3) now reads it back to me and it is the cutest thing ever. ~d

  • This is a great little series of books about trucks, fire engines, digger and other machines. Dillon reads these over and over again. The have cute illustrations, bright colors and they are about machines — what little boy wouldn't like! ~d


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Erin Shull

These things are such a great idea, especially if you live in an apartment and aren't supposed to paint the walls, as they are removable! Great work, Danielle!


Yay! I hope I win. I think my 6 month old would love these.


Hooyaa I want it.. It would add to our boring walls


Love the decals! We have a set of Wee Gallery animals on my 9-month old's wall--visitors always think I free handed it!


Sweet! Oh how I wish it's my lucky day!


Super cute - and especially nice so that you don't permanently paint on the wall and have your child say, two months later, I want princesses and NOT flowers!!


These not only look great but stimulate and are interesting to baby. Great idea!

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