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  • The adventures of Samuarai Jack has been great fun to read. The series is about, an evil shape-shifter named Aku from the distant past that has brought destruction upon the land. Jack is a heroic warrior in a quest to return to the past and undo the evil wrought by Aku. ~ d

  • Dillon has been loving “The Monster Show” for weeks. It is a cute “tell all” about monsters... did you know that monsters feel silly only wearing underpants? Little D (3) now reads it back to me and it is the cutest thing ever. ~d

  • This is a great little series of books about trucks, fire engines, digger and other machines. Dillon reads these over and over again. The have cute illustrations, bright colors and they are about machines — what little boy wouldn't like! ~d


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Danielle Gutherie

Funny. The day after we posted this, I was scolded by an older gentleman at the park...

"How old is your son?"
"three" (he's a big and agile 3!)
"You shouldn't let him climb the playground equipment by himself. He could get hurt. You really need to watch him better."

Something NOT NICE was on the tippity tip of my tongue, especially since that was the 8th time I got him down from that particular piece of equipment and I left him to go help my other son with his shoelace. Nevermind that I was there will FIVE other mom's and we all take care of each other's kids. And the man was sitting there the whole time and saw me do so.

But instead of the F word, I simply said "hmm, thanks." Walked away, and immediately told my friends. Which then sparked a 25+ minute bitch session where we all shared our stories.

Ahh well. Such is life.

Worth admitting though, my refraining from saying something to the man was NOT because I felt he was not out of line. He was. But because in an effort to tame my stress, I decided to "walk it off", as my husband would say.


What is it about Wholefoods? When my son was about 6 months old, we went shopping there. After I pushed his stroller into the elevator, a middle aged man berated me for leaving my son in the stroller while getting into the elevator. He told me that it was illegal and I should have taken him out of the stroller in case the door closed as I pushed him in.

Obviously he hadn't much experience of pushing babies around all day or he would know that if they're content or asleep, you leave them in the stroller. Besides, I was probably more likely to injure my son while juggling him and the stroller and trying to get into the elevator before the door closed.

Then, of course, I was stuck in the elevator thinking of a way to get out without incurring this man's wrath! In the end, I just ran out. It still makes me mad that I didn't chew him out!

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